Private Parking

The ParkingDetection system is a revolutionary solution for parking in literally any city on the planet. It is a system with low investment and operational costs, which does not require any maintenance. It provides with flawless parking lot occupancy control, also with statistical data about empty parking spots, both on streets and in residential areas. Our Control and Management System (CMS) works with real time data, including the image data from cameras, serving as a practical tool even for crime prevention. It also gives you valuable occupancy data that can be used for navigation of drivers, which will then easily find a place to park without wasting their time and congesting the traffic.

Automated airport parking lots

We introduce state-of-the-art parking technologies in practice. By upgrading the current airport camera system to an intelligent one, you can significantly increase parking efficiency and overall parking comfort. The outputs of our systems are available in real time and are a great source of data for throughout analysis of the given parking lot


Safe online payments
for parking

LED information panel
guides to empty spots

Simple management and
control of parking spots
and their utilization

Detailed statistics
about utilization

You can easily get data about average occupancy of your parking spots and its development in the monitored time period. Modify parking rules and increase the utilization of your parking lots easily. Based on real measurements.

Payment system
with zero maintenance

Minimize parking lot maintenance costs with smart online solutions for payments. Your customers can pay with their mobile phone, credit card or with premium SMS. With ParkingDetection, you do not need expensive parking machines.

Navigation LED panels
at the parking lot

LED panel signalling of empty spots with navigation all the way to an available place to park. With ParkingDetection, you will make parking comfortable for your customers.

Mobile application
for drivers

With reservations of a concrete parking spot, direct navigation and anti-theft system, your customers will have maximal parking comfort they can possibly have.

Perfect overview
from a data centre

Parking management has never been easier. With ParkingDetection, you will be able to control and manage both outdoor and indoor parking lots within a single system, using your web browser.


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