Private Parking

The ParkingDetection system is a revolutionary solution for parking in literally any city on the planet. It is a system with low investment and operational costs, which does not require any maintenance. It provides with flawless parking lot occupancy control, also with statistical data about empty parking spots, both on streets and in residential areas. Our Control and Management System (CMS) works with real time data, including the image data from cameras, serving as a practical tool even for crime prevention. It also gives you valuable occupancy data that can be used for navigation of drivers, which will then easily find a place to park without wasting their time and congesting the traffic.

Smart Parking at Shopping Centres

Make your customers happier with technologies that will make parking much easier and faster, as they will be navigated to empty parking spots. Paying for parking has never been easier with our payment system. Drivers can also reserve a concrete spot or even locate their car with ParkingDetection‘s mobile application.


Mobile app navigation
with vehicle navigation
and localization

LED information panel
guides to empty spots

Parking legitimacy
checking based on
number plate reading

Smart parking gate
VIP parking

The system allows reading of number plates of vehicles to check which cars are allowed to park at reserved spots near shopping centres.

Navigation LED Panels
at the parking lot

A quick look at our LED navigation panels while entering the parking lot and your customers will know how many empty spots are there and where to find them.

Mobile Application
for drivers

Drivers can use our mobile application to quickly find the nearest empty parking spot, or even to localize their car if necessary.

Shared parking Lot,
synergy in parking

Share your parking lot during the night hours to allow residents of the area to park there and increase your revenues. This mutually beneficial function is possible thanks to a modern surveillance system.


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